Why apples are better than oranges

People often say, “That’s like comparing apples and oranges.” I guess they’re implying that the two things are so different, comparing them doesn’t make sense. But, is that really true?

  1. The apple has much more variety. It’s red (or green, or yellow) on the outside, white(ish) on the inside and has brown seeds, but the orange is orange all over. Boring.
  2. The apple has a shape that holds its place on a flat surface. An orange can roll all over the place!
  3. The apple has an easy mechanism to let you know that you’re waiting too long to finish it — it starts turning brown. With an orange, you never know!
  4. An apple is less confusing. If you say “orange” do you mean a fruit or a color?
  5. The apple’s skin is edible. Okay, maybe the orange’s skin won’t actually kill you, but… yuck.
  6. The apple has no chewy (gross) internal section skins like the orange.
  7. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. What does an orange a day do? Nothing. Except maybe turn you orange. (But, not into an orange. See? This just illustrated my point from #4 above.)